If you are considering hiring a professional mold company to help you regain control of your home after a mold infestation, then there are several steps that the company will need to take to get rid of the problem, once and for all.  Black mold can be dangerous to human health if left in place too long, causing everything from respiratory problems to lung infections, among other black mold physical symptoms, and necessitating that those affected undergo black mold exposure treatment.  Black mold can also cause a lot of expensive damage to your home, which can take a big dent out of your wallet when it comes to time to get rid of the black mold and replace mold-infested drywall, insulation, window frames and more.

Before Hiring a Professional Mold Company – What You Need to Know

Since black mold has become such a big problem lately, there are a lot of companies out there who have begun to offer black mold treatment options.  Nonetheless, buyers need to make intelligent choices about who they ultimately hire for such a job within the home. After all, their health and the health of their family rely on their good judgment.     And that’s not to mention the damage that an improperly carried out mold eradication job can do to your home.  Yes, it can end up costing you even more if you end up hiring a professional mold company that turns out to be less than professional.  Be sure to check the company’s credentials, ask for references, and call their references to reinforce what they are telling you.

Mold Inspection

A professional mold company will first want to assess your home to determine the extent of the damage.  This mold inspection involves inspecting both the structure and the foundation for mold infestation and damage caused by mold.  The contractor may need to move furniture, pull up carpeting to check the floors below, and check behind wallpaper and more.  The inspection will also involve looking for any mold caused by recent flooding or leaks within the roofing system or plumbing system.  During the mold inspection, the inspector will sample the air and surfaces within the home for mold.  This can determine the level of the mold spore count, and in many instances, can help the inspector to determine if the occupants of the home are at risk of becoming sick from the mold.  Black mold treatment options will be discussed with you so that you can determine which course of action you wish to take to get rid of the black mold.

Determining the Source and Making Repairs

When hiring a professional mold company, you are usually hiring for a complete start-to-finish eradication of mold from your home.  The contractors will determine the source of the mold and then repair any damage that the mold has caused. This often involves pulling down sheet rock, replacing insulation, tearing up and replacing carpet, and more.  This can get very expensive, but most professional mold companies will give you a fairly close estimate for the work before beginning.

While working on the repairs and removing molded materials, the professional mold removal company will block off the area in order to prevent mold spores from moving to other areas of the home.  They will then eliminate the mold, typically with chemicals or sprays along with a special HEPA vacuum cleaner and other specialized equipment.

Black Mold Prevention

When they are finished, the professional mold company will likely re-test the air and surfaces within the home to make sure that mold is no longer present.  The company contractor may also discuss black mold prevention with you and your family so that the problem can be avoided in the future