Black Mold Symptoms

Black mold, scientifically known as strachybotrysatra, is a toxic mold that poses a health hazard wherever it grows. It is associated with many chest conditions, and has been known to cause internal hemorrhaging and death in infants who have inhaled it.






Black mold symptoms will come about if you have been exposed to the mold. It grows in damp areas in your home, and if you see any symptoms of inhalation, you should look through your house to see where the black mold is growing so that you can get rid of it.

Symptoms of exposure will normally be found in your nose, airways and lungs. It’s because your body is trying to get rid of inhaled spores.

The symptoms will include:

    1. Breathing difficulties
      Your lungs are not performing at their optimum levels because they have sensed a contaminant. This makes it hard to breath, and can be particularly serious in individuals who suffer asthma.

      A 2004 study by the Institute of Medicine established a link between indoor exposure to mold and upper respiratory illnesses in otherwise healthy children and adults, as well as asthma symptoms in people with asthma.
    2. Aches and pains
      These are usually headaches and muscular aches from all the sneezing and coughing. They will most likely not ease until your body gets rid of the spores

  1. Itchy nose, airways
    There will be an irritation in the nose, but rather different from the one you get when you have a cold; you will feel that the irritation is as a result of something. You will also have a runny nose with thin mucus. The mucus is being expelled as the body tries to get rid of the spores.
  2. Dizziness
    If you are exposed to a high volume and for a long time, you will suffer dizziness and may have memory lapses and lack of concentration.
  3. Nausea, Digestive problems
    Again, this would happen at very high dosages of inhalation. You will feel nauseas and have a bad stomach. If the exposure is continued, you may suffer urinary tract problems.
  4. Skin reactions
    These will mostly be rashes or hives. This may be the first sign you will get of you come into contact with the mold.
  5. Infertility
    At very high levels, and if exposure is for a very long time, black mold can make you infertile. This happens in people who stay in abandoned buildings or people who live in cave-like places. This may also come with organ damage and irregular blood pressure.
  6. Death
    This happens, and is mostly found in infants. The spores damage the delicate internal organs and the infant will suffer internal bleeding and eventually death. It can happen too in adults who have a compromised immune system.

Black mold symptoms will not disappear until the contaminated area is removed. The symptoms get worse with continued exposure. If the reaction to the spores wasn’t very severe, you can get rid of the mold and sit out the symptoms. If they are severe, or if a child has been exposed to black mold, see a doctor.



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  1. amanda says

    There is a house in nyora, vic i used to rent. It has black mold in every room and the people renting it to me would not clean it up. I have 2 young children and had to move to keep them safe. iIwas suffering headaches and nose bleeds. I think it should be condemned because there is a shop that sells food attached to the house.

    • amandanh03242 says

      New Hampshire now has some laws in place for mold. the propitious owner was very aware of the issue and her son hid it or caused it the roof has needed to be replaced along with the floors that were done a year ago the bathroom and most of the outer walls need to be replaced along with under the kitchen sink they replaced the counter but not the rest. she was hear showing the place the morning i had that skin reaction along with the realtor. Eventually this place believe it or not actually sold to a clueless person. he is working with us somewhat but the way he has put off work on these places makes you wonder. we are one week behind but will be caught up to legally hold rent for for several health issues and safety issues which i have challenged before with the previous owners which landed her in trouble with the town and state. so as far as challenging this I’m not afraid but i have to factor both my kids now too and the state butting in on this issue on weather its safe here. my son has been the only one showing some symptoms but his dad’s house is just as bad the floors are always wet the roof leaks. is it possible to do removal with us adults here but not the kids?

  2. Steven says

    Wow, can mold really cause all of those problems??? I had no idea it could be that serious. We just found mold behind the walls of our bathroom. Yuck! The stuff was so nasty. When then inspector came he discovered that it had spread to other rooms in the house. We must have been living with it for a while. We haven’t felt any health problems yet and I hope that nothing comes up. I had no idea things could be that bad. It’s like a silent killer, huh?

    The inspector recommended a reliable company to come in and take care of the problem. I think he called it a remediation company. If you need one check them out, they were very good. The company was Decon Green. I’m pretty sure you can google them. I like that they didn’t have to tear down any walls to get rid of the mold.

  3. Elizabeth Grayer says

    I have two nieces that grew up in a mold-infested house, it caused a lot of health issues for them. When their mom realized what was making them constantly sick she moved. My question is once you’re exposed to mold spores for a certain period of time does it stay in your system, like does it stay effecting your body or does the body eventually get rid of the toxin on it’s own?

    • Chris says

      Mold spores can stay in the system for a long time, especially if there are fungus balls in the lungs. There are blood tests that can monitor the mold. Look up the Visual Contrast Sensitivity test. It would be great to get others opinion on this.

  4. T Evans says

    We are renting a place and the kitchen cupboards had a musty smell when we moved in. The place had previously burnt down then been refurbished a year or so later. The workmanship is not great but it it a nice place. Anyway we found a problem quite early on but the plumber said it was my washing machine. Turns out it was the mains inlet for the water to the washing maching, it was leaking inside the wall.

    Anyway I found black mold growing in the cupboards. The lanlord said just clean them ,but by this time I was feeling dizzy & sick. We got them to send a leak specialist out and he said the same it was this tap in the wall. They fixed the leak, mean while the mold still there! The. Landlord sprayed it & said for me to wipe later, I wasn’t happy but did so. We pushed for them to investigate behind the cupboards. They removed the cupboards & the place was wet through. Now that was yesterday but no de humidifiers as promised! The smell is awful so stayed in the garden most of the day yesterday & they’ve stored the cupboards which are wet through in garage which has entry door straight to my living room!

    During this whole time I have felt ill & flu like every morning, my husband to, but I have since developed a scab on my cheek which seemd to be spreading do you think this may be linked also?
    Many thanks.

  5. Joshua says

    I had a question. Just the otherday and today at work I went to my works basement because we had a leak and I had to go down to clean it up and everytime I went down before it had a God awful stench I was wondering would that mean there is black mold down there and if so if I spent maybe 30-45 minutes down there each day would I be considered exposed?

  6. says

    My friend and her entire family are sick with black mold poisoning. The husband has had symptoms of a heart attack,the wife is loosing her hair by the hand fulls,plus looses days at a time,frequently,upper respiratory problems,thinks it’s allergies,cannot function normally,does not think right,she thinks she and her three children have ADHD,nose bleeds,bruising. The children are having nosebleeds and breathing problems,their noses are so messed up,they keep trying to clean them out,by picking,as little childern do. I have seen this mold it has consumed the bathroom a lot of the kitchen,the mom just painted over it and chooses to deny that there is a problem.These children are 3,4,8,I’m extremely concerned. How do you get people to help themselves?What do I do if they choose to live in that mess,in denial?

    • Admin says

      I know many people like this, the best thing we can do is to give them information about black mold, and let them make a choice. The importance of air quality in a home is really neglected.

  7. amandanh03242 says

    in 2004 my mom rented a condo after living there for awhile we all started getting sick i was landing in the er for massive head pain and my daughter would break out in rashes after a while we saw the mold coming up through the carpet and my mom did some investigating along with contacting the cdc where she was told to get out of the rental asap. soon after both side were closed down.
    Now we are in a trailer and my mom has been feeling sick again i’m experiencing similar medical issues as last time and then some. the previous owner was aware of the issue and when her son came to fix some issues we were told it had been removed. needles to say she lied she boarded it up and acted like it was all good. because she was selling the Mobil home park i decided to clean under the sink to find out in less then a two minuets of cleaning taking picture i was covered in a massively painful rash and at the er. that was a year ago both me my mom and my kids have been getting more and more sick. the property did sell but I’m assuming the new owner wasn’t aware of what he was getting in to. he was under the impression just clean it because i do profession cleaning we put up a stink and i asked him to do research and in a 20 minuet period he had a crew coming out to do the mold assessment. I know i can hold the previous owner accountable but what are the options for us while they clean this up does the landlord have to put us else where ? do we need to contact a lawyer? can some one help me on this please?

  8. TAC says




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