[ad#moldp]Savvy homeowners are well-versed in black mold prevention. Black mold removal can be expensive, and until black mold is removed from your home, it can make you and your loved ones sick. Once black mold gains a foothold in your home or other structure, eradicating black mold from the space typically requires hiring a professional black mold company.  A better idea is to work diligently to keep black mold from growing in the first place.


What Causes Black Mold?

Nearly all types of household molds are black, and referred to collectively as ‘black mold’, even if they are brown, gray, pink, or fluffy white.  But they have one thing in common: black molds are caused by excess moisture and all they need is a source of food to thrive.  Mold is naturally present everywhere, and usually it doesn’t pose a problem.  Mold is simply a form of fungi, and it is essential in the cycle of life, death, and decomposition of everything that lives on the planet.  Most of the time, one doesn’t realize mold is even around, unless, of course, it starts multiplying and making a nuisance of itself.

Mold releases gaseous material known as mycotoxins, and some humans are sensitive to them.  Nearly everyone is sensitive to the unpleasant smell of mold.  When black mold grows near where humans live or work, it can cause physical problems ranging from nasty sinus infections and allergies to pulmonary (lung) infections and more, resulting in those affected needing black mold exposure treatments.  Mold has been a problem as far back as Old Testament times when it is mentioned in the book of Leviticus, perhaps owing its longevity as a fungus to its ability to travel through the air with the slightest breeze (if you’ve been in a mold infested room when the heat or AC kicks on, you likely already know this).  Thus, one can see the importance of black mold prevention.

Start With Mold-Free Home

Before concentrating on black mold prevention, be sure that you start with a mold-free home.  If need be, hiring a professional mold company to come out and eradicate the mold and mold spores from your home is a smart move that can give you peace of mind that the mold is gone.  Black mold prevention is cannot take place until black mold eradication is completely finished.

Remove Moisture Sources

Black mold only needs moisture and food in order to live, thrive, and produce.  Your home is its food source, and it will feed off of the wood in your home, the paper on your drywall and wallpaper, your carpeting, insulation and more. If you have previously had a mold problem, removing the food source that was infested with mold was a big part of eradicating the mold to begin with.  Next, you need to practice black mold prevention to make sure that the problem doesn’t recur.  This means removing the moisture source that was helping the black mold to thrive.  Consider the following when determining how moisture can get into your home:

  • Foundation walls.  Water around your foundation walls can cause black mold growth.  If your yard is improperly graded, then water can flow toward your foundation instead of away from it like it should.  Also, be sure that downspouts and gutters are pouted away from the home.
  • Leaky pipes. Whether concealed or exposed, a leaky pipe can generate enough moisture for black mold to gain entrance into your home.  Look for signs of leaking, isolate the leak, and repair it immediately.  For the best black mold prevention, make sure all leaks are repaired timely.
  • Ice on the roof.  In the wintertime, ice dams on the roof can cause water to back up on your roof, saturate the roof structure, sheathing, and roof insulation.  When this happens, water can run down into the interior cavity of your outside walls.  Over time, these walls can be filled with black mold.
  • Fireplace ventilation.  Be sure that any combustible appliance, such as your fireplace, water heater, space heater, dryer, or furnace is properly vented to the outside so that they don’t raise the humidity level inside.  Provide ventilation for humid areas like the laundry room and bathrooms.
  • Keep your humidity level in check with a dehumidifier.  Portable humidifiers are inexpensive, so positioning several throughout the home is a good idea.  If you can invest in a whole-house humidifier is also a smart move.

Black mold prevention takes a bit of time and pre-planning, but it is well worth the effort and expense.