Black Mold Health Risks: The Dangers of Mold

[ad#moldhealth]There are many kinds of mold which are more an eyesore than they are harmless, but black mold, especially the strain called strachybotrys atra, is hazardous. Exposure to it can lead to health problems, but because it shares symptoms with so many other illnesses, it’s not easy to diagnose. The only way to know is to acquaint yourself with the health dangers of black mold, so that if you notice black mold accompanied by several health symptoms, you can know that you may be looking at black mold poisoning.

Black mold can grow and spread in a very short time, meaning that in a week or two, you can have so much of it that your health begins to be affected. It spreads through the air, and on surfaces where it was growing, can keep growing so long as the place continues to be damp.

black-mold-health-risksBlack mold gets into the body through the nasal cavity each time you breathe in. The spores are tiny and microscopic, so you will not see them with your naked eye. Once they get into the body, they can cause a lot of damage especially if you are high volumes of exposure or are exposed for a long time.  Kids who have been exposed to it can die, and adults will generally get ill. If you notice the following black mold symptoms, although they may be very similar to symptoms brought on by other illnesses, it’s wise to check for black mould.

  1. Irritation of the  nose: this can include sneezing, having flu like symptoms that are not accompanied by the rest of flu symptoms, thin watery mucus and a feeling that there is something foreign in your nose.
  2. Irritated cough: your body is trying to expel the spores and one way of doing this is by coughing.
  3. Difficulty in breathing: the spores will irritate your lungs so that they will accommodate less air than they usually do.
  4. Rashes: these can happen as just rashes or can look like hives.

These are all immediate reactions to black mold. What happens if you are exposed continuously? It causes damage to internal organs and you may suffer any of the following:

  1. Inconsistent blood pressure.
  2. Eventual problems in your reproductive system.
  3. Memory impairment and an inability to concentrate.
  4. Stomach problems and eventually, problems with the urinary tract.
  5. Irritability and mood swings.

As you can see, these are illnesses that can be caused by many other diseases. If you see black mold anywhere in your home, get rid of it right away. There are recommended ways of dealing with black mold, but make sure that whichever substance you will use to get rid of the black mold, you are well covered and protected from inhaling the spores. Get all people out of the house and once you are done, dry the area and adjacent areas completely.

If the extent of the damage is high, you might want to call in a professional mold remover so that he can permanently get rid of it. Be on the lookout especially if the weather has been very humid or if there has been flooding. The symptoms of black mold ingestion will not disappear until you have got rid of the mold, so the sooner you act the better.
Why You should remove black Mold!




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