Black Mold Symptoms

black mold symtoms

Black mold, scientifically known as strachybotrysatra, is a toxic mold that poses a health hazard wherever it grows. It is associated with many chest conditions, and has been known to cause internal hemorrhaging and death in infants who have inhaled it.

A Quick Guide to Black Mold Removal and Cleanup

Mold Horizon

No matter how clean your home is, you’re still susceptible to black mould. Otherwise known as strachybotrysatra, this mold only needs humidity to germinate, and in 24 to 48 hours, you’ll find that it has stuck and is spreading fast. It grows in moist places, and your home has no shortage of these. It can […]

Black Mold Health Risks: The Dangers of Mold


There are many kinds of mold which are more an eyesore than they are harmless, but black mold, especially the strain called strachybotrys atra, is hazardous. Exposure to it can lead to health problems, but because it shares symptoms with so many other illnesses, it’s not easy to diagnose. The only way to know is […]

Mold Solutions


It’s important to react quickly the moment you notice any mold. Mold grows so fast, that it only takes between 24 and 48 hours to be mature enough to propagate. A week of mold can cause a lot of damage to surfaces and items, not to mention the health hazards that it poses. This article […]

How to Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home or Workplace


Mold problems can cause homeowners and business managers a lot of headaches, and other poor health reactions for everyone involved. Since certain types of mold can be deadly, one must take immediate action to purify a building and prevent further spread of this spore-bore invader. Mold prevention narrows down to one solution: moisture control. Mold’s […]